About me

I was born in a little town near Barcelona, called Moià, where my family has a blacksmith 
workshop since many years ago.
I loved how the metal was changing the colour with the fire, and how maleable it is.
I was thrilled by the sound of hammers banging on steel, however those metal pieces were enormous, now, I create the same shapes but in a smaller size 
Now I do this little sculptures that you can wear on the body.
After graduating in Art and design at Massana School, I specialised in Artistic jewellery 
at Llotja School in Barcelona, and finalising my studies at l'École des Arts Saint Lluc in 
After a jewellery practice in South Finland, I decide to move close to the Arctic Circle,
where the sun doesn't rise in winter and don't go in summer, where the northern lights 
dance in the sky, and the nature still conquers the major part of the land.
Rovaniemi is the place where I actually live and have my little workshop.
My jewellery have been shown in Barcelona, Bilbao, Moià, Tarragona, Rovaniemi, Girona, Vic...
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